Social Equity in Cannabis

What it is and why it’s important

Social Equity Programs are a proactive effort to allocate space within the budding cannabis industry to business owners who were disproportionately targeted by the war on drugs. It lays the foundation for institutionalized diversity in the cannabis industry.

Something’s not
adding up

Now that cannabis is legal, we only see a fraction of BIPOC ownership compared the industry as a whole. And still so many in prison on non violent marijuana charges. Social Equity Programs are a necessary step to the healing of a people. And the data supports it.


Ratio of Black owned cannabis businesses in the United States. 


Number of people arrested for a marijuana law violation in 2018


Percentage of people arrested for drug law violations who are Black or Latino (despite making up just 31.5% of the U.S. population)

What Can you do, you ask?

Use your power of choice to support social equity in Cannabis

When shopping for your cannabis products be sure to ask the budtenders at your favorite retailers which equity brands they carry and look for the Equity Trade Seal.

Social Equity operators represent a legacy of compassion and expertise that stems from experience. Many of them helped build this industry. Despite the deep scars left by the war on drugs, they have demonstrated that cannabis can not only serve as a restorative plant for the body but also heal the soul of a community.

Paying It Forward

SF Roots has helped pave the way for social equity in cannabis since it’s early days in the traditional market. Understanding the financial, legal, and bureaucratic barriers that stand in the way of launching a cannabis company, we believe in paying it forward in order to expand equity. As a true steward of equity, we strive to break the cycle of inequality while simultaneously reinvesting in our community and creating generational wealth. 

SF Roots is working to level the playing field in a system that was not designed with us in mind, and we are not alone. We partner with a number of locals, businesses, and organizations to demand responsibility, sustainability, and diversity in the cannabis industry.

Here some organizations leading the charge in Social Equity:

  • Success Centers Equity for Industry
  • Original Equity Group
  • Locals Equity Distribution
  • Our Dream Academy

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